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released April 15, 2014

'Show Love'
Written by: Abby Power
Produced by: Peter Geary
Mixed & Mastered by: Peter Geary

'Wake Up Call' (feat. Shihan)
Written by: Abby Power/Shihan
Produced by: Peter Geary
Mixed & Mastered by: Peter Geary

Written by: Abby Power
Produced by: Peter Geary/Abby Power
Mixed & Mastered by: Peter Geary

'Forgive The Sinne' (feat. Tabanacle)
Written by: Abby Power/Tabanacle
Produced by: Greezy Beats
Mixed & Mastered by: Peter Geary

'Psychedelic' (feat. Jace Abstract)
Written by: Abby Power/Jace Abstract
Produced by: Peter Geary
Mixed & Mastered by: Peter Geary

'Cus I Can'
Written by: Abby Power
Produced by: Greezy Beats
Mixed & Mastered by: Peter Geary

Recording Studios
Peter Geary/Curly Man Records

Record Label/Management
Vintage State Music, Inc./Vintage State Media

Associated Groups
Black Triangle

Calvin Ceile

Vintage State Media



all rights reserved


Abby Power London, UK

With features in over 20 media outlets, praise from famous singer/songwriter Skylar Grey and a new release of ‘Wake Up Call’ feat. DefJam poetry legend Shihan, Abby is rapidly becoming one of the hottest emerging female UK rap artists. Embracing the hip hop culture since an early age, Abby has a specific new school sound that brings you right back to the past when hip hop culture was at its peak! ... more

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Track Name: Show Love
(Verse 1)
My whole soul is trapped inside a gaping hole of misery
If I say something wrong then my existance here is history
Confronted by a catastrophic scene of events
I find a beat and I vent to find some peace in my zen

A missing piece to this puzzle that you’re all hustling for
I'm Robin Hood the way I fight the rich and rap for the poor
I can't afford to fall off so high I'll die if I drop
I'm losing time since I decided to take hands off the clock

It's so hard being me now let me demonstrate the hate
They be circulating round so now it's hard to concentrate
Feel like Shady after he released his last two records
People dont appreciate and fans are turning reckless

Don't wanna see a difference they don't wanna see a change
If you make a slight adjustment they'll be quick to turn insane
Quick to slate your name and tell you that you’re not the same
Or that your with illuminati if your ever reaching fame

Stop the hate and try appreciate the movement
Were just trying to progress in this life
We do our best to keep you happy with our music
It takes a lot no it don't happen over night

(Verse 2)
I'm not tryna diss my fans because I give my fans my heart
But you need to understand that what I'm doing is an art
I could feel a certain way and write a song and make a track
But I'm the same person when that version fades to black

Different personalities depending on my mood
But I remain the same there is no need to change your view
I wont change my genre because hip hop is my life
I'd never turn to pop even if the price was right

You wont have to worry about me being a sell out
So you need to stop tripping like somebody stuck their leg out
Please let me continue what I'v been doing for years
And promise you'll support me through the blood swear and tears

If you hate a track then I appreciate you listened
Just don't go acting like this Abby Power’s going missing
Knock it on the head and keep it moving like the rest
I guarantee that you will take a liking to my next
Track Name: Wake Up Call (feat. Shihan)
(Verse 1)
Good times role by you gotta weigh them with the bad
And don't sit around wishing for the things you never have
Go and grab life by the throat so you can let these people know
That a legends in the making and it's time for you to blow, so

Sit down child, don't stress now
Don't be thinking that you deserve any best, how?
Could you deny these very talents you've been blessed with?
Don’t give up on a dream that you have always been
obsessed with

Why waste it for the sake of having a few doubts
When you could make it and be having yourself a new house
Repay your parents for the years that they invested in you
A nice car, a big home with an immaculate view

Now wouldn't that just make a lovely story?
Instead of what you have at the present moment it bores me
Live your life and share this blessing with the planet
Every days a new beginning so there is no need to panic


This world is always gonna try and break you down
But you have got that vision paint it through your sound
I'll do my very best to help you try and make it
Everybody has a voice and you just gotta wake it

(Verse 2)
Of course I'm talking to myself but I still aim this at you
I'm just hoping to inspire by the time this is through
Cus everybody has a dream that is trapped behind a scheme,
And you need to cut it free so you can let that vision breath

Now listen my aim is never to preach,
I’ve just been put on this very earth just to teach
See, I'm on a Mission to cause an intermission
So you can take a break and then follow your intuition

It's a lot harder when you have negative thoughts
So just wipe the slate clean and get exposure from the force
you'll be giving and still willing to proceed with
Yeah the force that you'll be killing the whole scene with

No bad vibes everything is all good,
No matter what happens I'll still be misunderstood,
But I'm okay with it that just means I'm different
I just want you to appreciate my vision

(Shihan’s Verse)

Look, don't try to confuse our purpose with your expectations
We're not here to make you happy
I'm here for the ceiling fans
who dream of propelling jet planes through
crowds of clouds like a schoolyard bully
Or the dedicated monsters with no scare in them
Or the moth with butterfly envy aspirations
Sometimes you just want to be appreciated for the
colour you add to the picture
Disregard the words of the uninspiring
Cause finding your voice can be difficult in a world
preoccupied with trying to fit in
Abby and I exist to be different
We smile for a living
Never waiting for the opportunity to present itself
But having the vision to create the opportunity to take advantage of
Been broken down
Time to rebuild with a better foundation
Sleep giants for too long
So, climb to the nearest rooftop and scream at the top of your lungs
Wake Up
Track Name: Ego
(Verse 1)
A lot of rappers out here don't know how to act
They be giving opinions like it's a fact
I'm in the shadows with a sniper and a thousand rounds
So if I’m aiming then you’re better off to hit the ground

I'll be the one to bring faith
Like I’m the one who bought the son of God back
Turn me up till the bass makes you wanna smash plates
And you wouldn't even know what to call that

All that shit that you be making that ain’t called rap
I'll be a feature and I’ll take over your whole track
I don’t care for views I’m still making moves
While the rest of you are begging for your soul back

Why you acting clueless to what I’m capable of?
I’ll take a beat like Nicholas Cage and take it's face off
John Travolta rappers writing like it's pulp fiction
Fake as what they say so every songs a contradiction

Your an idiot to think we wouldn't find out
What you think that we don't know the truth?
When you rap about a strap and how you ride out
Even deep down you know that isn’t you

See, why would you lie in your music?
I’ve never understood the point
What happens if you go and lose it?
Will you tell the truth bout your joints?
I doubt it.

I'm just tryna save me from myself
(cus I’m my own worst enemy)

I'm just tryna save me from myself
(before my ego is the death of me)

I'm just tryna save you from yourself

(Verse 2)
A stable diet of legends telling their story
Got me feeling like the daughter of all these legends before me
Like Jay Z recorded glory I’m proud of what I created
I take the old with the new and I still won't be outdated

People always talk about the greater days
Of Hip Hop and how they watched it fade away
And i don't really understand cus it's still here
It's not done cus the game said it needed change

And I’ve come to switch it up in a major way
Better turn up your volume to hear what I say
I don't want you to forget a single word I said
I raise the dead out of their coffins while you make your bed

My ears are burning so I know these people talking bout me
I won't be happy till I know I’ve overstepped a boundary
A far cry from good byes that I was gonna make
I may not make it but that's just the chance I have to take

Keep the bass hitting like Sonny Liston
So it's an earthquake at all of my shows
I keep it real so that is my distinction,
Yeah I’m keeping you on your toes

When these wannabe's don't even know what hit them
That's just the way that it goes
Better take note of all my flows and my wisdom
Cus you know I’m keeping you on your toes

Its getting harder not to say all of these things
What with all the hate it always brings
Track Name: Forgive The Sinner (feat. Tabanacle)
God forgive the sinner when the winner has her prize
Pride cannot be found when there's a devil deep inside
God forgive the sinner when the winner has her prize
Pride cannot be found when there's a devil deep

(Verse 1)
Every time I plan on releasing another mix tape
I got people in the shadows shouting at me not to fixate
On dreams that I be having on becoming something great
It's like they wanna see me starve with not a morsel on my plate

So I say God forgive the sinner when the winner has her prize
Pride cannot be found when there's a devil deep inside
Hatred from the pit of your stomach is soon to rise
You can see it in my eyes, I'll be stuck in this for life

I got dreams relying on me so that they can take a step
Inside the world to show these other rappers this their final breath
I count my blessings with each day I lay awake and write a song
I'm the reason why music will lose it’s pulse when I’m gone

And I don't mean to be cocky I'm saying it how it is
misunderstood so they don't wanna fuck with the kid
They want a Nicki or Iggy no they ain't looking for content
But you won’t see no skin from me, I learn my lessons from
I swear.

And you wonder why I act so cold
When all you ever do is turn me down
You don't wanna see me succeed, never proceed even
though you know I own the crown

And you wonder why I'm so damn cold
When all you ever do is turn me down
You don't wanna see me succeed, never proceed even t
hough you know I own the crown

(Verse 2)
I’ll write my verses with my fingertips of blood on all your walls
Cus you’re not hearing the same rapper that you
heard on 'See me fall'
it's just me and it’s my soul, were both yearning for control
And I'm rocking every mic' I do my thing I'm on a roll

Never should I justify the actions that I take
Cus everything I do, I do for music, every move I make
And I cannot relate if you were born with silver plates
With silver spoons to help you to consume your parents cake

I’m the reason these females rappers are tryna' up their game
Decapitating competition like a helicopter blade
I'll stick that gear in reverse and I'll do that shit all again
For the power and the passion of this ink in my pen

I'd walk the desert like Jesus and I'd go weeks without eating
If that's the only option that I'd have for me to succeed in
This music that's been draining every single shred of life
Just so I could see the planet hear my music for tonight

(Tabanacle verse)
And they wonder why I'm so damn cold
Still here sitting on this old damn road
And thing's will move so damn slow
When you living like us and you’re so damn broke

And I came so far from the start
Out time in the music crafting the art
And they laughed when I started to bar
Now kings want to follow on the path of a star

These days it's getting harder to make it
Everybody saying they a part of the masons
And I waited years for a station to hear my tracks have
Them played through to the nation

I been patient sitting on the sideline watch my friends go
through now I want my time
Everybody saying that they better than me
But not one of them are better when I'm ready with the right rhyme
You want to knock me back try turn me down
Well don't call me back when you heard the sound
it's murder now
They watch me raise up out of the dirty ground

I could of came up model with a chain up
Started from the bottom now they follow am I famous
Everybody's rich everybody's made it
But I ain't seen one of these pricks getting paid yet

And everybody want to do it like Drake did
Or they trying to sound like Mill
But I'm trying to keep my shit Cypress Hill
So I tell them let's B Real

And let's face it unless you’re fucking with the devil you ain't made it
Unless you’re fucking with the levels you ain't never
gonna be no better than these other mc's
that I left in the basement
Track Name: Psychedelic (feat. Jace Abstract)
Psychedelic , my minds a mess
And all these drugs, have left me undone

(Verse 1)
A dirty dozen I be riding with a bad bunch
Explicit with the content make you vomit like a bad lunch
See I ain’t met that many rappers from my manor
But ima sett the sail and find a place to land the anchor

So I can find a place to set the pace with what I'm making
Cus while you're saving for Rolexes all this other times wasting
Slowly calibrating why I'm sitting here with Satan
I must be in hell’s kitchen cus I'm wrapped inside an apron

Man I'm confused cus my crucifix must be faulty
My soul seems to be fine but where'd the fuck I leave my body
It's getting hotter by the second yeah I should escape
To a place where it don't bother me no more like Catherine Tate

But there’s a paper on the table with my name on it
Next to a bible and it seems to be a page from it
I must be tripping cus I’ve never been a saint
I'm tryna work out if that signatures in blood or is it paint?

(Verse 2)
taking pictures with my mind so I can recognise
Everything that happened yesterday and every other time
My mind ain’t what it used to be I know I'm only young
But these are the results of excessive amounts of fun

Hold up Kiddies don’t be listening to me
This the reason parents don’t want me to be on mp3s
See I'm a bad influence, if you listen to me once
I guarantee that you will turn into a little c**t

I'm 19 and I still daydream about chasing people down
the street with a laser beam
Blow their fricking head offs with red dots like black ops
Blast them out their skinny jeans and snapbacks & tank tops

No I'm not evil I'm just having some fun
I’m philosophical most of the time and now I'm done
A cow wouldn't stomach me with quadruple the amount
So how could you expect to ever digest my sound

(Jace Abstract’s Verse)
I’m falling out of the sky, visions pouring out of my mind
it's more than the kind of the visuals you want recorded at
the time, huh
Welcome to world of psychedelics kids
I take a bunch of drugs, sit in a room and let it spin

The spin doctor's given vodka for my blurry eyes
And through my third mind's eye, I’ve murdered these guys
But I couldn't concentrate on a box of concentrated orange juice
Realise my mental state whenever I talk to you

Since my head has turned to scrambled eggs, do you
have to guess
That I’ll be in the 27 club when I die? the answer's "yes"
Back in my teenage years I used to bag the cess
But now I’ve grooved to bigger and better things just to
pass the test of life

My back it breaks, whenever I have to elaborate
The years I’ve lived not giving a shit in this masquerade
I try to alleviate the strain of living day to day
But I get fucked up cause every week is the same old same!
Track Name: Cus I Can
(Verse 1)
I'm a stranger to my city streets I'm rolling through the country
I don’t need to see the pavement when this evergreen is comfy
It's greener on this side of mine and everything is blooming
Your side is all polluted and people are time consuming

My third eye has a target locked, further than these city blocks
I long to see my vision come to life my faith cannot be rocked
I'm a staple to this stable diet of rapping history
How the numbers fall at such a pace is still a mystery

You abandon such a high rise spirit raising to high tides
Compelling story tellers telling stories on these late nights
Magic on these verses miracles on these beats
All started because people hated life out on the streets

40 years of Hip Hop there’s nothing stopping us now
The legends looking down at us so we can make them proud
Never stop the hustle if the hustle is for music
Feed your every aura and don’t ever try defuse it

Everything I do, I do it cus I can do it and you can do it to
These thoughts, are all in your mind
Everything I do, I do it cus I can do it and you can do it to
These dreams, will happen in time

(Verse 2)

Call me a liar if you want to
When you find out it's true it's gnna be me that you run to
Asking how I knew it, how did I predict it
I'll tell them it's from knowledge that my brain became addicted

To, how many times I have to warn you all before you listened?
I seen a lot of things that have helped encourage my vision
And Transitions, all I needed was some patience
Like a doctor with an empty surgery I needed patients

And look I waited long enough, it's tough as it is
and these people are not showing love,
They don't appreciate the things I have to say
Even if they helped them make it through another day

Well ima say them anyway and they can listen if they want
I'm underlining all the faults and being bold just like the font
Look at all these lames tryna rhyme up on a track
Your gnna break the cup of knowledge if you’re listening to that

(Verse 3)
I’m watching interviews and thinking "Yo I’m into doing that!"
I wanna change your way of thinking as you listen to me rap
People always telling me my fate is overdue
Looking in the mirror wishing I was sober too

I'm lost inside this miracle that they be calling life
Calling up my memories to see if their alright
I'm tryna find some common ground with anybody else
Cus right now I’m just feeling like I'm talking to myself

And these cells all around me feel like I'm behind the bars
With my poker face you'll never know I hold the strongest cards
People don't believe me when I tell them I'm the shit
But there’s a gaping hole when they try take me out the mix

I got Greezy making beats that your producer couldn’t top
You better listen when it drops so you can get it while it’s hot
I won’t ever try to brag just tryna make these haters mad
At the fact I achieved all the things their wishing that they had